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How Your Mental Fitness is Being Challenged?

shirzad Chamine / Positive Intelligence

This is a video message from Shirzad Chamine

Build One of the 3 Core Muscles of Mental Fitness!

Today I want to talk to you about mental fitness. And, in particular, I want to look you in the eye and say something pretty provocative. 

The reason you're feeling pretty stressed and upset about things these days is because you're not mentally fit enough to handle the current challenges of life. I know that's pretty provocative and I need to do some explaining, so please watch my short video message. 

 The good news: you can easily boost three core mental fitness muscles, so you can handle life's challenges with less stress and more effectiveness. I'll show you how. 

Shirzad Chamnie

Shirzad Chamnie

NY Times Bestselling Author

Stanford Lecturer